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July 31, 2006
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Solace by bloody-batterfly Solace by bloody-batterfly
To be among the earth.
To gaze upon the skies.
To breathe in the fresh air.

To be content
To Seek Solace
and to find it.


Stocks Used"

Girl (I loved her so much I used her again)

Woods (I loved them so much in "Mother Earth" I used them again too!)

Hope you Find your Solace.
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elisafox-stock Jul 31, 2006   Photographer
Lovely work :rose:
thank you for manipulation my stock photo again ;)
i can see why you have used this forest, it is an absolutely beautiful background.
this image looked a bit dark on my computer.. i had to adjust my monitor settings to view it properly :D
yes, I was worried I'd made it too dark.. I tend to make my work a little dark.. I guess comes from being allergic to sunlight and daylight... oO Vampiric! I might try doing something lighter eventually... and I will work with you more in future... your stock is very creative and beautiful.
elisafox-stock Aug 4, 2006   Photographer
i see what you mean. :) the problem with this image is that it looks like a sweet and peaceful composition, but the colours are dark like in a horror picture.

if you prefer to create darker images, i have a suggestion for you. you can still keep a mysterious or vampiric atmophere if you create a dark background (maybe even with a very lighter grey highlights) but keep the skin of the figure very light. that way you'll have an eye catching contrast. your model will look pale and frightening and stands out against the background. a very dark dress is fine too, but the skin should at least have some highlight so that the whole picture isn't just black ;)

if you want you can take a look at this wallpaper which i have created, where the overall effect is gloomy without being too dark: [link]
or if you want to make it appear mysterious with a hint of colours, start with a totally black background and keep adding some soft coloured element, like i did here: [link]

i hope that this was helpful.
Ohhh thank you for the recommendations. I got a peek at some of my work on a crt monitor and was shocked at how black they were.
I looked at your work and you are right, they are a lot lighter yet still dark feel... I'll work on that.

btw... VERYVERY nice work

:hug: thanks for taking time to help with suggestions!

elisafox-stock Aug 11, 2006   Photographer
no problem ;) and thank you too.
it is interesting how digital art can appear very different on various monitors.
on my laptop the images are much ligher and less saturated than on my computer. so it is a surprise sometimes how it really looks like.
obselete-angel Jul 31, 2006  Professional
VEry nice work, i love the colours and the atmosphere created...
Awww thank you so much. I'm thinking it was too dakr and blurry though... I will have to work on making my images clearer and such....any suggestions?
obselete-angel Aug 2, 2006  Professional
My pleasure:hug:

Keep working hard!
kouryuu-no-sakura Jul 31, 2006
pretty, it's like my forest dream too ><
Thank you! I love the trees...the lighting really makes it just breathtaking...

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